Digger word cloud

Tool that is able to classify document (contract, invoice, or irrelevant), and "dig" the personal data, such as names and addresses, out of it.

NLP word cloud
NLP Entity Detector

This service will be helpful, if you want to process text in order to categorize it, or extract entities, such as key words, or phrases.

DNS word cloud
DNS Classifier

API that can be used to classify domains/URL addresses and, eventually, to detect malicious content.


The tool categorizes DNS records and displays the user profile of the selected anonymous person. The profile contains information about the structure of the visited categories on the website.

Text Generator
Text Generator

The following demo includes three services. The first tool generates a summary of an arbitrary piece of text, the second translates text between two supported language and the third tool paraphrases given text.

Voice to Text

This base version of our Voice2Text Demo is used to transcribe a voice recording into written text. However, we can easily expand its capabilities for our clients, depending on their needs.


shoe icon
Picture Similarity Search

Search of similar pictures. The example is developed ONLY for pictures of shoes.

Video processing showcases

Dog activity classifier

Classification of dog activity, such as walking, moving on one spot, sniffing, no activity etc.

Match score reader

Detection of score (or other items) changes on infographic during sport events.

Traffic signs detector

Detection of warning traffic signs. Video was recorded during riding a car. The speed was 50 kph.

Person tracker

Tracking of an active person. The video was filmed by a drone on thermal camera.